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Massimo MarcianiChairman

Two things inspired me from the outset: The possibility of leaving to our children a better world than the one we inherited, and the goal of bringing together the best and most dynamic professional team in the sustainable mobility sector. In the 90s I already dreamed of creating an innovative model for the development of our cities and our country. To achieve this vision, I have always felt the need to be far reaching in the search for innovation: identifying the best practices in, technology, governance and business innovation implemented elsewhere in the world. I studied and analysed them with curiosity and dedication, surrounded by a team of enthusiastic young professionals that I helped to mature in experience and, in turn, to establish themselves in this sector.I have travelled a lot, I have met scientists and scholars who have allowed me to better understand the events and phenomena that have been changing lifestyles – both society as a whole, and the lives of individual people within it. I have worked with passion on visionary research and development projects that can improve the quality of life. I have transferred to my collaborators and my clients not only new visions for current problems but also operational solutions capable of becoming real success cases at national and international level.The certainty of achieving something that has an important impact on the community, fuels every day my wish to go another step further. With this energy, together with my team, we are preparing to face the new and demanding challenges of our time.


Born under the sign of innovation

Initially, Fit was an acronym for Finance, Innovation and Transportation. Later, our activity began to enrich itself with the wider meaning contained within the definition of the English verb ‘to fit’: to adapt, to be pertinent, to provide the right frame within which to understand the complex issue of Mobility and its life-sustaining and life-changing impacts.
Our continuous participation in research and demonstration project, both in Italy and across Europe has transformed us into a real ‘laboratory for ideas and inspiration’. We have developed a sensitivity and the necessary skills to anticipate market trends.
The ability to enhance the mix of skills has extended over the years to a wide network of excellent partners with whom we work. This way we have created new business models in innovative sectors, with the ambition to contribute to the development of concepts such as Mobility as a Service, the Internet of Things and the Physical Internet.


The best way to innovate is to use a multidisciplinary approach: to communicate experiences and skillsfrom different sectors in order to generate innovative solutions. From the beginning, our way of “being a team” has followed this logic.

Fit was founded in 1997, thanks to a group of experts working in the field of sustainable mobility. Dynamic and professional, over time we have managed to build a network of over 300 partners in Europe, Asia and the USA, becoming members of the main European thematic networks. We have never stopped renewing ourselves, in the belief that the worst obstacles to growth are inflexibility and habit.
Specialization has been the gateway to a wider international visibility, for all of the different components of the company structures we work with (Research and Development, Business and the Market, training and achieving added value from the human capital available).
We are well known and appreciated across Europe in the field of Sustainable Mobility. We were born with a strong pioneering vocation and our story stands out for its commitment and responsibility: leading inspiration.

We operate on national and international markets because of the interests of our customers are:

ministriesmunicipalitiesprovincesregionsEuropean Commissionfoundationschambers of commerce public companies etc.

In the field of value added services automotive technology design and engineering agricultural consumer goods etc.

In the field of logistics,digital technologypeople mobility, etc.

Local public transport companiesdistribution and industrial logistics companiescarpooling and carsharing companies etc.

Motorwaysroadscar parksfreight villagesrailways and ports

Automotivetechnologicaldesign and engineering, etc.

Public and private research institutionsscience parks foundations etc

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The best way to innovate is to use a multidisciplinary approach: to communicate experiences and skills from different sectors in order to generate innovative solutions. From the beginning, our way of “being a team” has followed this logic.

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