Through a constant search for advanced solutions in the field of sustainable mobility of people and goods, we have acquired a wealth of knowledge that we use to assist social and economic development. We transform ideas into innovative projects, meeting the demands of our clients, applying an approach that translates the concepts into added value. Our openness to global ideas and the multidisciplinary skills we have, allow us to quickly respond to the changing needs of the market.


Addressing the sustainable mobility of people and goods means taking care of the future of the planet. Reducing atmospheric and noise pollution, increasing transport safety, reducing the reliance of non-renewable energy sources, solving congestion, safety, land use and accidents, these are the main issues we focus on every day. Our solutions involve the ‘smart’ perspective on development – ‘smart technologies’, ‘smart cities’ and ‘smart sustainability’.


People, both as employees and as customers, are at the centre of our daily actions. We are committed to constantly improving our level of supply, using measures and procedures aimed at assessing their levels of satisfaction, and being proactive in responding to issues arising.

We promote equality in our selection procedures and in our treatment of our employees and our collaborators: equality at all levels in the organisation, in our policy on salaries and on the allocation of roles in projects – maximising the potential of each person and rewarding merit.

We care for the impact that our activity could have on the environment and, as a result, we are ready to correct any negative effects.

Improving our services and investing in research and development are our priorities. It is through the effective use of research resources that we are able to anticipate market trends, creating innovative solutions at national and international level.

Our professionals achieve the best results when they work together, within an integrated and cohesive team, according to the principles of collaboration, availability and mutual respect for each other’s roles and competences.

Our central focus is the well-being and enhancement of people who, for us, have absolute priority over the interests deriving from capital. We believe that economic relations are oriented towards achieving the common good.

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