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In 2050, 9 billion people will inhabit the planet.
The goal is to improve the quality of life, respecting the limits imposed by sustainability.
It is about building a world capable of offering its inhabitants a mobility system that provides universal and secure access, full integration and with low environmental impact.

So: What will the World we inhabit look like in 2050? What do the key players need to achieve to ensure a rapid transition towards a model of resilient and sustainable development?

The challenge to move from a decade of instability and uncertainty to a period of profound transformation: investments in infrastructures (tangible and intangible), in technologies, in innovation and digitization and, above all, in human capital.

In this scenario, the sustainable mobility of people and goods acquires a new higher level of importance, taking the ‘centre stage’ and equal only to that which it had had at the time of the greatest expansion of the Roman Empire. We are on the verge of a true Renaissance: Crowdsourcing, the ‘Circular economy’, new lifestyles, a ‘Sharing Economy’. These are just some of the new paradigms which will become commonplace in the next thirty years. Current society is increasingly becoming aware of the effects of indiscriminate exploitation of the planet, such as climate change, environmental degradation and pollution.

These phenomena constitute the negative legacy that we are leaving to the new generations.

However, we still have the opportunity to propose new ideas for ​​change.

Collaboration, participation and courage will be indispensable qualities. Our task is to imagine and help our customers and partners to achieve radical changes for a sustainable future.

Fit has long since undertaken an evolutionary process and intends to invite the civil society, central and local government, industry and the academic sector to come together to create a real change in our way of living and moving. To make, once again, turn a dream into our story.

Born under the sign of innovation

The best way to innovate is to use a multidisciplinary approach: to communicate experiences and skills from different sectors in order to generate innovative solutions. From the beginning, our way of "being a team" has followed this logic.

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