The mobility of people and goods are witnessing rapid change. There is ‘disruptive innovation’, both in the way people are changing travel habits and moving goods, and in the plethora of new mobility products and services coming to the market to meet these challenges. In this new environment, it makes no sense to consider the mobility of goods and the mobility of people separately – both impact on global environmental quality.

We offer specialized services in the following areas:

- Business development

- Fund raising

- Business consultancy

- Technical-scientific assistance

We are able to realise the ideas of our customers and enhance existing services through our added value expertise in the business development. Specifically, we are able to perform pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, market and competitor analysis, to identify value proposition, to develop business models, business strategy models, go-to-market, business plans, shared and circular economy, to identify financing opportunities, to carry out cost-benefit and multi-criteria analysis.

Our expertise is based on twenty years of experience in fund-raising - for the development of innovative projects and services. We achieve this through the analysis of possible funding channels: regional, national and community funding sources. We identify funding opportunities, including the development of national and international partnerships and consortia. In all cases, we verify that the financial offer is compliant with the requirement, providing qualified assistance in preparing the offer, analysing and preparing the budget, and presenting and discussing with the Supplier until the contract is signed.

Our offer of business consulting responds effectively to the questions of our customers: For example, where a company require assistance to enhance their mission. For such a requirement, we are able to provide the full range of services - ensure corporate audit services to enhance, train and retrain personnel, enhance the company’s position on the market in question, reengineer and develop the process/product innovation plan, provide access to internationalization programs, improve the company’s position in international lobbies, ensure their participation within key interest groups and assist in cross-fertilization with other companies and sectors to maximise added value.

The range of services we provide is based on recognized expertise at both the national and international levels, incorporating the latest technical and scientific intelligence in our assistance packages: These consist of the following activities – undertaking strategic and day-by-day management, providing assistance during the negotiation phase with the competent authorities, providing partnership management and reporting, implementing workpackage tasks, defining user needs, undertaking functional analysis, defining the requirements and the design of complex systems, providing management for pilot and demonstration projects, defining Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), undertaking evaluation, enhancing results, providing scientific advice, managing working groups, creating and running task forces,  monitoring and evaluating the impacts of pilot projects, and implementing project management tools.

Born under the sign of innovation

The best way to innovate is to use a multidisciplinary approach: to communicate experiences and skills from different sectors in order to generate innovative solutions. From the beginning, our way of "being a team" has followed this logic.

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