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Observatory on sustainable urban mobility in Italian cities: the initiative coordinated by Clean Cities and Kyoto Club kicks off

The Observatory on Sustainable Mobility in Italian Cities, the initiative coordinated by Kyoto Club (of which FIT Consulting is a member) and Clean Cities Campaign which monitors the mobility situation in the 14 metropolitan municipalities and in the nine cities participating in the European Commission’s ‘Mission: 100 climate neutral and smart cities by 2030’.

The Observatory aims to be a resource available to administrators, journalists and civil society. Each page of the Observatory is in fact dedicated to a city and contains a summary of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, graphs with the main mobility indicators and updates on the main topics.

The Observatory also contains several sections devoted to topics related to sustainable mobility in the city including: private mobility, active mobility, shared and electric mobility, public transport, modal split, PUMS forecasts, CO2 emissions, health impact.

To visit the Observatory portal, click here.

Source: Kyoto Club/Clean Cities