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New perspectives

The future, a project to start today

The future, a project to start today

In 2050 the planet will be inhabited by 9 billion people: the goal is to improve the quality of life while respecting the limits imposed by sustainability. It's about building a world capable of offering its inhabitants universal and safe access to an integrated mobility system with low environmental impact.

So: what will the world we will inhabit look like? How should the key actors of our planet act to ensure a rapid transition towards a resilient and sustainable model of development?

The challenge is precisely in giving the right answer to these questions. We need to move from a decade of instability and uncertainty to a period of profound transformations: investments in infrastructure (tangible and immaterial), in technologies, in innovation and digitalisation and, above all, in human capital.
In this scenario, the role of the sustainable mobility of people and goods acquires new centrality, equal only to that which it had at the time of the maximum expansion of the Roman Empire. We are at the gates of a true Renaissance: Crowdsourcing, Circular economy, Life-cycle, Sharing Economy are just some of the paradigms that will be referred to in the next thirty years. Current society is becoming increasingly aware of the effects of indiscriminate exploitation of the planet, as climate change, environmental degradation and pollution demonstrate.

These phenomena constitute the negative legacy that we are leaving to new generations.

However, we still have the opportunity to propose a new idea for change.
Indispensable qualities will be collaboration, sharing and courage. Our job is to imagine and help our customers and partners make radical changes for a sustainable future.
Fit has already undertaken an evolutionary process for some time and intends to invite civil society, central and local government, industry and universities to come together to create a real change in the way we live and move.
To once again make a dream our story.