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Sustainable mobility also means "sharing"

"Sustainable living" magazine - by M. Marciani

The cold chain is looking for new opportunities

At the annual conference of Brivio & Viganò the logistics 4.0 marries the prudent management of energy

Champions of New Logistics

Magazine "The logistics newspaper"

The future of automation and AI in new logistics business models

Magazine "Leadership & Management Magazine" - by M. Marciani

The hot autumn of our cities

"SmartCity & MobilityLab" magazine - by M. Marciani

The perfect storm

"Fleet & Finance" magazine

Creating e-consumer-friendly cities

Newspaper "Il Foglio Daily"

E-commerce boom and sustainable development of cities

"Leadership & Management Magazine" magazine

Mobility, future and courage

L'insegnamento del passato di Massimo Marciani

World Road Association common cabotage rules

Road cabotage, common rules! by Massimo Marciani

All the numbers of regularity

Strategic objective regularity

World Road Association road cabotage

We need common rules by Massimo Marciani

Magazine N.93 sustainable mobility

The revolution is already in our cities by Massimo Marciani

Green Wave

New TPL season

Euromerci E-commerce

E-commerce can mix up all the cards

Euromerci Young company

A young company with 80 years of history

Winning logic logistics

The winning logistics of the transit point

Logistics innovation

Urban logistics as a factor of competitiveness of the country system

Elvisier Stakeholders involment

How to increase stakeholders' involvement while developing nes governance model for urban logistic: Turin best practice

Autonomous driving

An opportunity for growth for drivers


Urban logistics as a competitiveness factor

SCML Sustainable urban logistics

How to make sustainable urban logistics a factor in the country's development

GDL news on the horizon

A systemic vision is needed


Massimo Marciani of the City Logistics commission

Transport Today urban distribution

Is urban distribution sustainable?

Logistics city logistics newspaper

The future of City Logistics

Transport Today - Pushing the limits

Massimo Marciani is the protagonist of this meeting aimed at understanding how to go beyond the congestion of metropolitan areas

Time tariff logistics

Proposal for urban distribution

EC Horizontal activities

Concerted Innovative Approaches, Strategies, Solutions and Services Improving Mobility and European Tourism

Il Tempo sustainable and competitive logistics

City Lgistics, development of the North West logistics system and promotion of intermodality

Public Sevice Review

The airbone identity - Why aviation must adapt in a changing world

Gazzetta Parma parmesan project

Ecocity, the Parma project that green Europe likes

The Parliament

Europe's hidden treasures

Logistics Systems

Carpooling per il carico: una partnership innovativa

OndaVerde renaissance urban TPL

Renaissance of historic cities with the innovation of urban public transport

TraspOggi C-Dispatch

Distribute respecting the environment

Free Sustainable Mobility

Mobilità sostenibile: occorre un progetto unico di intervento

Sole24Ore Bus Futuro 2

The coaches of the future pass by Trambus

Sole24Ore LogOn virtual traffic light

The Log on project to decongest the center of Rome

Ecomondo Ecocity Parma

Ecocity: the numbers of ecological goods delivery are soaring in Parma

Prog MAX Ondaverde

Focusing on emotions helps Sustainable Mobility

Il Quotidiano Matera arrives in Europe

It is one of the objectives of the communication project presented at Palazzo Lanfranchi

Ecomondo 2006 C-Dispatch

Great consensus for the environmental and technological challenge of the province of Frosinone

Ecomondo 2006

Great consensus for the environmental and technological challenge of the province of Frosinone

If collective it must be for everyone

The commitment of the European Commission

Beyond the supply chain

Parma capital of the logistics ecosystem

C-dispatch live

C-Dispatch comes alive

The Logistics Community associated with Asstra

An initiative among ASSTRA members

Frosinone C-DISPATCH

The C-Dispatch project

Primopiano Sole24ore Logistics in slow motion

Little outsourcing and fragmented supply cost the country 7.5 billion

C-dispatch Green wave

The last mile in defense of the environment

Which Sociality

...for transport?

Road Safety

The European sensor project

Land of Butter

City Logistics Committee

Promote policies

The recommendations signed in Naples

Free cars in the city

I.S.S.I. poster for sustainable urban mobility

MOSCA Project Results

Delivery: Planning and control in logistic chains

Goods in the city MOSCOW

Evidence of integrated management of urban logistics

Telematic Projects

Telematics projects

Moscow distributes in the city

A European project for urban transport

From User Necessity

The "Public" in Local Public Transport


Romania gets back on track, next stop: Europe

The Platform Project

Software Terminal

Total quality and public transport benchmarking

A company benchmarking project thus stimulates a positive comparison

To compete you need a computer

The exchange nodes between rail and road will play an increasingly important role in supporting combined transport.