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“Letter from the President and CEO”

Dear Stakeholders,

It is with great satisfaction and pride that we present to you the goals achieved by our company in this difficult year but, at the same time, full of opportunities for change.

Let’s start from a theme that has always been an integral part of our DNA, namely the sustainable mobility which, in our meaning, means “guaranteeing goods and people, in an equitable manner, the possibility of moving without ever losing sight of the human dimension and the quality of the environment that surrounds us, today and in the future”.

FIT Consulting has made the commitment to take care of the planet and its most precious resources, of the people, of the ecosystem, of economic development, activating the lever of innovation aimed at growth, with the ambitious but necessary objective of contribute to leaving a better world for future generations.

FIT Consulting works with a deeply cohesive and complementary group of professionals who over time have managed to build excellent relationships with over 300 partners in Europe, Asia and the United States, actively participating – on the front line – in the main national and European thematic networks, including among which ALICE (European Technology Platform on Logistics), UITP (World Association of Public Transport Companies), PIARC (World Road Transport Association), TTS Italia (National Association for Telematics for Transport and Safety) stand out.

In almost 25 years of activity, we have never stopped innovating, convinced that the greatest obstacle to growth is rigidity, routine habits and closure to collaboration. We had the courage to profoundly transform our organizational structure, policy and assets, quickly adapting to changes and innovation by repositioning ourselves on the market, often anticipating its needs and trends.

We have achieved excellent results in urban logistics, in the supply chain, in Mobility as a Service, in digital transformation, in the Physical Internet, in ITS systems, offering specialized services to large private companies and at the same time supporting the public decision maker with governance models and of energy and digital transition.

FIT Consulting has always believed in the growth, sustainability and development of the territory in which it operates, but also in the opportunity to create jobs and generate income, constantly mobilizing European funds for research and innovation in its market.

In recent years we have achieved truly important objectives and results by acquiring great expertise in various European programmes, with 15 projects financed in Horizon 2020 alone, also participating in Shift2Rail, Connecting Europe Facility, contributing to bringing European funds back to Italy and entering as a key partner in one of the largest European projects on electric mobility (USER-CHI project).

Over the next 5 years, we intend to continue, investing in the company evolution process, with a focus increasingly focused on the dynamics and needs of our customers and partners, providing for growth in internal resources that is in line with the needs for efficiency and quality of operational and management performance.

The driving force of this value generation process is a business model that aims to enhance corporate capital, accompanying companies and public administrations towards a path of understanding the implementation of digital transformation, the innovation of the entrepreneurial and social fabric, favoring the encounter with the most sustainable solutions.

We believe that the valorization of intellectual and human capital is an essential factor to win in a rapidly evolving market, which requires responsibility, resilience, creativity, talent and business dynamism. FIT Consulting has stood out for its ability to change organizational models, products and services, through continuous investments in technology and know-how, transforming market challenges into opportunities to create shared value. Also in 2019, the performances achieved reflected the goodness and effectiveness of the choices made, resulting in growth in the various business segments. To highlight this, our employees and collaborators showed talent and innovative spirit on the occasion of the first company pitch elevator “ConVinciMi” which took place in December 2020.

The asset ecosystem in which FIT Consulting invests is an integral part of its business model business, and represents intellectual capital, human capital, social aspects (internal and external relationships) and structural resources. The management of these assets is carried out from a risk-based thinking perspective which has always been part of our vision of a sustainable and responsible company.

Taking into consideration and sensing the continuous and often unpredictable evolution of the market before others, FIT Consulting aims to listen to the voice of the stakeholder, through continuous activities, organizing moments of sharing and cross-fertilization of ideas on topics of particular interest such as innovation, digitalisation and change management, integrity and transparency of the logistics chain, decarbonisation and the Green Deal.

In light of these goals achieved, we look with satisfaction at the path undertaken so far and with confidence at the one still ahead of us, fully aware of the need for constant commitment in achieving objectives to be shared with our stakeholder. Just so we can continue to grow and prepare to face the new challenges that are arriving, first and foremost the European Green Deal and the Recovery Plan to relaunch our country.