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A universe called mobility

The sector of mobility of people and goods is undergoing epochal changes. We can therefore talk about disruptive innovation in reference to the model we know of using services. From the perspective of the resilient development of our planet, it no longer makes sense to consider the mobility of goods separate from that of people.

We are able to realize our customers’ ideas and enhance existing services through our skills in business development.
Specifically, we are able to carry out pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, market and competitor analysis, value proposition identification, business model development, commercial strategy model development, go-to-market, business plan development, shared and circular economy, identification of financing opportunities, cost-benefit and multi-criteria analysis.

Our skills make use of twenty years of experience in activating financing – fund raising – for the development of innovative projects and services through the analysis of possible regional, national and community funding sources, the identification of opportunities, the identification and development of national and international partnerships and consortia, the verification of compliance of the proposal to the requirements of the tender, qualified assistance in writing the proposal, analysis and preparation of the budget, presentation and discussion with the provider until the contract is signed.

Our qualified business consultancy offer effectively responds to our customers’ questions, for example in the case of a request to enhance the company mission. For this need we are able to ensure company audit services for asset valorisation, staff training and retraining actions, positioning on the reference market, re-engineering and development of the process/product innovation plan, access to internationalization programmes, company positioning in international lobbies, qualified participation in interest groups and activation of cross fertilization processes.

Fit’s service offering is completed by the nationally and internationally recognized skills of technical-scientific assistance which takes the form of the activities of: administrative management and day-by-day management, support during the negotiation phase with the competent authorities, partnership management and reporting, execution of work packages and definition of user needs, functional analysis, definition of requirements and design of complex systems, pilot management  and demonstrators, definition of KPIs, evaluation, valorization of results, scientific advisory, group management  of work, creation of task forces, monitoring and economic and technical evaluation of demonstrators and policies, creation of project management tools.