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Collaboration between FIT and Umberto Guida kicks off


It is with great pleasure that we can finally announce the start of a collaboration between Umberto Guida and FIT Consulting!
Our company, represented by the partners and directorsPaola Cossu, Massimo Marciani and Fabio Cartolano, signed the agreement on 29 January at the Rome headquarters.
In addition to his role at UITP as Head of Urban and Shared Passenger Mobility Project Funding Strategies, Umberto will play the role of advisor in FIT, bringing his expertise on financing and design strategies. The aim is to strengthen FIT’s already established position in the logistics and freight mobility sector in Italy and Europe in the coming years.

Thanks to UITP for their willingness to share Umberto’s expertise. FIT Consulting has been a member of UITP for 20 years, a long-standing partner in European research and present in a number of committees, with the aim of supporting public transport to be more and more central and in the DNA of our cities!

Innovation, sustainability, ethics, inclusion and collaboration have always been our keywords.
Together with Umberto, we have the ambition to insert a new keyword:value creation.

Welcome, Umberto!