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The Municipality of Parma entrusts FIT with the study for the preparation of the call for new Taxi licences


The Municipality of Parma entrusts FIT with the study for the preparation of the call for new Taxi licences

The Municipality of Parma has entrusted FIT Consulting with the technical study that will lead to the preparation of the call for new Taxi licences. In the next five months, by November 2024, FIT will accompany the Municipality of Parma in a process of conscious evaluation of the state of the art of the non-scheduled transport service through specialised technical support able to identify a metric for calculating the value of the licence and a public tender scheme to be finalised in relation to the comments that will be indicated by the Transport Regulation Authority (A.R.T.), competent in the matter. *** Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) ***

The framework law for the transport of persons by means of non-scheduled public bus services (Law 21/92), in fact, provides that it is the municipal administrations that provide for the issue of licences, by means of a public competition, to be submitted in advance to the A.R.T.

On the basis of the activities carried out and being carried out by FIT at a national level focused on the analysis of the mobility sector, FIT will therefore carry out a survey of the state of the art through a specific analysis of the market of non-scheduled transport services in the Municipality of Parma, collecting and systematising all the available and accessible data on demand and supply, fares, quality of service and possible competition linked to services managed on dedicated apps. *** Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) *** Existing technologies used by taxi drivers and taxi companies, such as booking apps and electronic payment systems, will also be surveyed and evaluated. The state of the art will be completed with an examination of the current rules and regulations governing the service in Parma and in the main Italian cities.

Consequently, FIT will develop a methodology for calculating the value of the licence, so as to determine a fair and transparent economic value of a taxi licence in Parma, and will prepare a public tender scheme for the allocation of new non-scheduled transport licences in the municipality that will ensure transparency and fairness in the licensing process.

Finally, FIT will take care of the validation of the public tender scheme by the Authority for Transport Regulation (A.R.T) and any necessary modifications, based on the indications provided by the Authority, for its approval.

Awaiting the call for tenders, the City of Parma has extended until 9 April 2025 the period of experimentation of the taxi service shift system and other experimental measures, including the extension of shift 8 for the summer period, the ‘shift change’ for a maximum of three shifts per month for each taxi driver, the ‘double-driver’ mechanism, and flexibility at the beginning and end of the shift. *** Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) ***

The experimental system of shifting the Taxi service has been in place since last October: in this period, good results have emerged, especially in terms of increased coverage of the most critical time slots, with a consequent reduction in waiting times. The extension, which is provided for in the municipal regulation for non-scheduled public services by car (taxis and rental with driver), comes at the end of discussions with the representative associations and the Radio Taxi Consortium.

The news is taken from the article published on parmadaily.it on 8 July 2024.