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Economy of the Sea 2024, the speech by FIT President Massimo Marciani

Economy of the Sea 2024, the speech by FIT President Massimo Marciani

On Thursday 4 July and Friday 5 July, Genoa hosted the third edition of the ‘Economy of the Sea 2024‘ event organised by the 24-hour Group with the aim of bringing together institutions and companies at the same table to analyse the current situation and future prospects of the boating sector, also in the light of sustainability and energy transition.

Among the speakers on the first day, Thursday 4 July, was FIT President Massimo Marciani, who spoke, together with Laura Cimaglia, Director of General and International Affairs of the Ionian Sea Port System Authority, during the session ‘Cruise tourism: the boom after the pandemic, now the challenge is passenger logistics‘ moderated by Filomena Greco, Journalist Il Sole 24 Ore.


“Many cruise liners are expanding their mobility offerings from a multimedia and sustainable perspective, creating the conditions to limit the on-shore impact of their customers,” Marciani explained in his speech, “but much remains to be done, also in relation to the integration of flows within the port cities’ Sustainable Mobility Plans. It is therefore important that shipping companies that organise cruise ships also take on a social responsibility by raising awareness among their customers, i.e. tourists, on the most sustainable ways to reach tourist destinations, ensuring that they can enjoy the area in a more sustainable way, also thanks to the technologies available today’.

The full speech by Massimo Marciani