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Self-driving trucks will be on Texas roads by 2025

Camion a guida autonoma

Self-driving trucks will be on Texas roads by 2025

From 2025, self-driving trucks will be on the roads in Texas. This is announced by Waabi, a Canadian start-up that through the use of environmental imagery and AI to anticipate with predictive algorithms the movements of cars, pedestrians and cyclists aims to revolutionise freight transport.

‘We have everything we need to launch autonomous trucks in 2025,’ said Waam CEO Raquel Urtasun. This is a monumental event for the industry and truly marks the beginning of the next frontier of artificial intelligence’.

One of the areas in which self-driving cars are showing the most potential is not in passenger transport, but precisely in freight transport. Waam, in fact, is not the first entity to attempt the feat: Aurora and Volvo have already been working for some time on putting self-driving trucks on the road, while Walmart is already testing smart vans to supply its supermarkets.

A path still full of unknowns, especially from a legislative point of view, but which promises a real revolution in the freight logistics sector.

Source: Startupitalia.eu