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Electrification of freight transport in Italy: the proceedings of the ANCI webinar in cooperation with FIT and MOTUS-E

Roadmap per lelettrificazione del trasporto merci su strada

The webinar organised by ANCI – Associazione Nazionale Comuni Italiani (National Association of Italian Municipalities) in cooperation with FIT Consulting, MOTUS-E and Zero Emission Trucks Italia (ZET Italia) to discuss the topic of electrification of freight transport in Italy was held on Monday 22 January 2024.

The meeting was in fact an opportunity to take stock of the current state of progress of the electrification process of urban logistics in Italy, starting from thepresentation of studies conducted by FIT, MOTUS-E and ZET Italyand then move on to discussions with those in the area who have initiated experiences or are planning interventions in this direction.

FIT President Massimo Marciani presented the roadmap for the electrification of freight transport at the opening of the webinar: “The topic of electrification of freight transport,” explained Marciani, “is linked to a roadmap that we have drawn up starting with the 2030 obligations. If we think of future generations, we must in fact put in place actions that will enable us to contain climate-changing CO2 emissions that generate anomalous phenomena and also create problems for people’s lives. To build the roadmap, we therefore analysed the three and a half million commercial vehicles circulating on Italian roads, segmenting them by travel class, vehicle type, and by supply chain’.

The presentation focused on the vehicle fleet on the one hand and the charging infrastructure on the other. Different vehicle penetration scenarios for freight transport, from lighter to heavier vehicles, and the different factors to be implemented to decarbonise freight transport by 2030 were analysed. They then went on to analyse the different charging strategies and modes, highlighting their differences, costs and use cases, and providing some suggestions on how to optimise charging for electric freight transport.

The roadmap drawn up as part of the study conducted by FIT and MOTUS-E is available by clicking here.

Marciani’s slides are available by clicking here.

Closing the webinar was a moment of discussion and debate with some representatives of municipalities that have undertaken virtuous and sustainable initiatives with respect to logistics in urban areas.

Here is the full recording of the webinar:

More information on the webinar and all the speakers’ slides are available on the Anci website.