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EU adopts European Declaration on Cycling to promote cycling as a sustainable mode of transport

Dichiarazione europea sulla mobilità ciclistica

The EU adopts the European Declaration on Cycling to promote the use of bicycles as a sustainable means of transport

On 3 April, the European Union took another important step towards reducing transport emissions by adopting theEuropean Declaration on Cycling. In the margins of the informal European Transport Council, Adina Vălean, Commissioner for Transport, signed the declaration together withKarima Delli, Chairman of the Transport Committee of the European Parliament andGeorges Gilkinet, Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium.

The declaration recognises cycling as a sustainable, accessible and affordable means of transport with a strong added value for the EU economy. It also includes clear commitments, such as safe cycling networks in cities, better connections to public transport, safe parking and access to charging points for e-bikes. These commitments, which are necessary to improve the quality and quantity of cycling infrastructure in the Member States and to make cycling more attractive to the public, will therefore be made at EU, national, regional and local level. These are all

Based on a proposal launched by the European Commission in October 2023, and in response to requests from the European Parliament and Member States, the declaration constitutes a common political commitment and a strategic compass for existing and future cycling-related policies and initiatives.

The Commissioner for Transport, Adina Vălean, stated: “We recognise the multiple benefits of cycling: it reduces pollution, relieves urban congestion and promotes healthier lifestyles. Furthermore, cycling is a cornerstone of European industry, stimulates innovation and growth and creates high quality local environments. The uptake of cycling is in line with the EU industrial strategy and its objectives.”


Source: European Commision