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First ALICE Logistics Innovation Award Ceremony & launch of BOOSTLOG cloud report on Coordination & Collaboration. 24th Nov 2021, 15:00 – 16:30 (online)

Coordination and collaboration refer respectively to vertical and horizontal synergies along and across different supply chains.

In this context, Supply Network Coordination deals with the synchronization and dynamic update of logistics and transport plans, across modes and actors (manufacturers, retailers, logistics services providers, carriers, terminal operators, etc.).

Supply Network Collaboration deals with maximising resources utilization, such as vehicle and infrastructure capacity, by matching demand from multiple shippers with available transport and logistics services from different modes and service providers.

Both Coordination and Collaboration can produce significant gains in terms of both efficiency and sustainability and represent a big step towards the Physical Internet, leading the transition from individually managed supply chains to open supply networks.

Implement Cases are concrete examples in which causal links between public R&I funding and technology, organizational or process innovation in a specific logistics area can be established.

The ALICE Logistics Innovation Award evaluates all collected Implementation Cases. The evaluation is done by the selection based on three criteria: Link between R&I funded project and the implementation; Success of market implementation; Scalability and growth potential.

The Award Selection Committee, consists of five experts from the ALICE membership: Carolina Cipres, ZLC, Chair of the Committee; Michael Archer, CHEP; Eric Ballot, Mines Paris Tech; Sergio Barbarino, P&G; Selim Tansug, Unilever.

In the field of logistics collaboration and coordination, four finalists have been selected: CRC Services; MIXMOVE; Smart Box; TRI-VIZOR.

We invite you to join the online event at 15:00 – 16:30 (CET) on 24th November 2021 and we will announce the winners of the first award. At the ceremony we will launch a cloud report presenting main outcomes and implementation cases derived from the R&I projects as potential implementation paths on logistics collaboration and coordination. Last, the selection committee will present the award to the winners.

Register here: www.etp-logistics.eu/first-alice-logistics-innovation-award-launch-of-the-cloud-report-on-coordination-and-collaboration/