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How to generate value from an opportunity

How to generate value from an opportunity

The Logistics and Services Consortium, a market leader in the transport of clothing and hanging garments, approached Fit to solve a problem related to the utilisation and rationalisation of goods flows. 

A warehouse outside the city of Rome in combination with an urban transit point located in the San Lorenzo area. This is the idea from which we started with a request for support aimed at improving the service.
We shared the rationalisation objectives with the management and then identified targets to be achieved. We carried out an analysis of the situation as is and the no-action scenario (do nothing).
Subsequently, we prepared a set of solutions including project options and associated time and cost estimates. The work was presented, analysed and discussed with the client, identifying the solution that best suited the consortium’s needs.
The result was not only customer loyalty but also the development of a series of high value-added services in the urban platform (Urban Distribution Centre) that allowed new customers to delocalise their warehouse stocks (traders in the city centre, clothing franchising chains, etc.) and the birth of a new just-in-time quality service in Rome called CDU Roma, Logistica a Km Zero. The consortium has come to make a very high number of daily deliveries in the area of the capital’s historic centre, expanding into compatible product sectors, optimising trips and saturating loads.

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