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Ecologistics: Innovative and efficient mobility

Ecologistics: Innovative and efficient mobility

Ecologistics is one of the pillars of Fit’s development and success in Italy and abroad.
The municipality of PARMA chose us as a partner among the best Italian consultancy companies to conduct an ambitious project never attempted before.

It was about tackling a problem that had long been unsolved: how to make urban logistics more efficient without resorting to massive use of bans and access restrictions in restricted traffic zones (ZTL).
Through careful consultation with key players we have – for the first time in Italy and in Europe – implemented a new governance model based on rewarding, implemented through an innovative process of accreditation of operators.
Indeed, in a smart city, the ability to track commercial vehicles moving about has a fundamental value related to the safety of citizens and tourists. The realisation of the model, the analysis of the impacts, the appreciation by all the key actors involved made it a real best practice.
This model was implemented in a large metropolitan area such as Turin in order to test its applicability in a complex context. The previous experience proved to be successful once again. Ecologistics first and then Ecocity are therefore a clear case of disruptive innovation, and have represented an epoch-making change of approach for the public administration that is once again able to generate value from an idea.
The message is simple: incentivising positive behaviour is better than penalising negative behaviour.
We have presented this new governance model at numerous national and international conferences and events and described it in scientific and popular publications. In 2016, it was listed as good practice in the transport infrastructure annex of the Italian government’s Economic and Financial Document.

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