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Buses of the future

The bus project of the future

The European Commission has launched an international call for the formation of partnerships capable of designing, developing and prototyping the bus of the future: we could not fail to take up this challenge.

The project was financed with 26 million euro and was successfully completed. The EBSF consortium – of which Fit is an active and organic part – has created an innovative generation of local public transport systems that are best suited to the different specificities of European cities.
The consortium developed new vehicle and infrastructure technologies in combination with best operating practices, and tested the buses in real scenarios in eight European cities.
The EBSF system is an intelligent mobility model capable of making effective use of information and providing new solutions for MaaS services.
Innovative vehicle layouts were developed with improved comfort and accessibility for drivers and passengers, and optimised energy consumption. The developed system is therefore integrated into the different European urban scenarios adaptable to different types of modern and historical cities, taking into account future mobility trends characterised by new services for passengers and operators, which constitute the real added value of the entire transport network.
The joint work between the EBSF and key institutional and private actors carried out by Fit both in the phase of evaluating the system’s impacts and in the phase of transferability of results and models to other interested cities has given impetus to the design of an innovative bus driver’s cab, to the adoption of a European standard for the vehicle-central control communication system, and to other important innovations (mechanical and energy) for the economy and reliability of the urban passenger transport system.

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