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In Genoa, free public transport for citizens to promote sustainable mobility

Genova mezzi pubblici

For the whole of 2024 there will be free travel on public transport in Genoa. In force since last January, the initiative (currently on a trial basis) aims to improve urban mobility in the city.

Citizens and residents will then be free to use the metro and vertical lifts (lifts, funiculars and rack railways) without paying a ticket. In addition, over 70s and under 14s will be able to travel free of charge on the entire public transport network, including buses.

In order to travel free of charge, citizens will need a CityPass card, which can be requested online at no cost, or by applying at Amt (Genoa’s transport company) ticket offices and paying 10 euros for secretarial fees.

But that’s not all: in addition to benefiting from the metro and public lifts, LPT season ticket holders will enjoy a new concessionary fare offer. All valid season tickets will benefit from the services offered, depending on the type of ticket. The promotion also concerns subsidised annual season tickets for residents in the Municipality of Genoa: the Isee categories are recalibrated and brought down to a single band, up to EUR 12,000, which entitles the holder to purchase an annual season ticket at a cost of EUR 120. Added to this is the extension of the territorial scope of validity of the new tickets, which now covers the entire Genoa metropolitan network served by Amt.

“This is a great operation to bring the people of Genoa closer and closer to public transport,” commented the city’s mayor, Marco Bucci. “These months of experimenting with the free metro and vertical systems have already brought important results in this respect. In the coming years, with the metro extension, the service will become even more widespread and efficient for many other areas of the city’. The administration’s stated aim is to reward those who decide to subscribe with special fares, a way of facilitating those who choose to travel every day by public transport not only within the city but also throughout the metropolitan area.

For the time being, this is only an initiative involving the city of Genoa, but it could soon be taken as an example by other Ligurian and Italian cities aiming to make public transport free of charge to promote sustainable mobility and make traffic less congested.


Source: lifegate.it