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IT-TRANS: Paola Cossu, CEO FIT Consulting, speaker of the 2022 edition with a workshop on “New mobility and urban space: How can cities adapt?”

IT-TRANS 2022, the three days event dedicated to innovations in public transport pioneering concepts and digitalisation trends, will be held from 10 to 12 May in Karlsruhe, Germany, hosting top speakers from all over the world.

Paola Cossu, CEO of FIT Consulting, will hold a workshop on Thursday 12 May, from 10:30 to 11:30, on “New mobility and urban space: How can cities adapt?”.

Urban areas are responsible for 70% of global carbon dioxide emissions, a large part of which is contributed by transport.

There is a need to rethink the way mobility is organised in our cities with initiatives to discourage individual car use, offering a greater role to public transport, regaining space from cars and providing infrastructures for active mobility ongoing. Cities should rethink space allocation and with new players, growing, additional pressure is put on the urban streetscape.

This workshop will bring together key experts in urban planning, transportation and new mobility players to understand optimal use of urban space and build liveable cities for the future.

More information about the event and how to register and participate can be found by clicking here.