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Lyon also joins the NetZeroCities ‘Pilot Cities’ programme and signs the Lyon 2030 Climate Pact

Lione entra nel programma “Pilot Cities” di NetZeroCities

On 23 January, the French city of Lyon was selected to join the programme NetZeroCities Pilot Cities, a two-year programme funded by the European Union and bringing together almost 80 European cities with the aim of accelerating the transition to climate neutrality across Europe through the exchange of experiences and best practices.

La città Lione, la cui candidatura è stata sostenuta da 5 partneres – l’Agence des Mobilités, l’Agence Locale de l’Energie et du Climat de la Métropole de Lyon, Anciela, la Maison Métropolitaine d’Insertion pour l’Emploi e l’Université Lyon 2 – riceverà quindi un funding of 600,000 euro to support the project, which involves working with local actors and citizens for the building a climate and resilience reference centreincluding a ecological transition centre and school of resilience which will focus on questioning public policy and implementing reflection and experimentation.

Indeed, the project aims at increasing the involvement of citizens and local actors, encouraging the development of everyone’s skills and facilitating synergies. Furthermore, the aim of the project is to encourage the multiplication of initiatives by reaching out to citizens in the various districts of Lyon.

But this is not the only news for the French city, which also on 23 January signed the Lyon 2030 Climate Pact in the presence of members of Agora Lyon 2030 – which brings together some sixty local organisations, including actors working with citizens and young people, companies and leaders of economic networks, education and research actors, public and semi-public bodies -, the mayor of Lyon, Gregory Doucet, and the deputy mayor of Lyon in charge of ecological transition and heritage, Sylvain Godinot.

The Lyon 2030 Climate Pact is nothing more than aroadmap for achieving climate neutrality in the city by 2030. More specifically, the Pact includes29 lines of action for public authorities and 16 collective commitments: popular education, sobriety in buildings, sustainable mobility and logistics, renewable energy, adaptation measures for water, consideration of the challenges of precariousness, research development, etc.

For more information on the Lyon Climate Pact:https://www.lyon.fr/lyon-2030/agora-et-pacte-climat-lyon-2030

For more information on the NetZeroCities programme:https://netzerocities.eu/2023/12/20/european-cities-test-innovative-pathways-to-climate-neutrality-in-the-pilot-cities-programme/

Source: lyon.fr