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Milan: record number of low-emission cars, but recharging stations for electric vehicles are still scarce

The city of Milan is increasingly aiming to become a Smart City on a par with many other European cities, achieving excellent results in this regard. This is revealed in the Smart City 2023 Booklet produced by Assolombarda and EY, which measures and describes through 95 indicators the ‘smartness’ of Milan in comparison with five other European cities: Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin and Munich.

On the sustainable mobility front, in particular, Milan achieves a 12.6% share of low-emission vehicles, the highest among the benchmarks analysed; although there are still some aspects related to smart mobility on which Milan shows gaps compared to other cities.

The density of electric car columns, for example, in Milan is a tenth of that in Amsterdam, but still five times higher than in 2017, a sign that the Lombard capital is well on its way to catching up with the other cities competing for supremacy.

On the air quality front, moreover, Milan has the highest concentration levels of PM2.5 and PM10 among the cities analysed. A negative note, of course, which can also be softened by resorting to more sustainable forms of mobility, a theme dear to the Lombard capital.

All that remains is to watch what the next steps will be for a transition to greener mobility and what will be achieved in the near future.

Source: Il Sole 24 Ore