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New York introduces traffic tax

New York introduce la tassa sul traffico

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) of the city of New York, which is responsible for the management of public transport in the ‘Big Apple’, approved in recent weeks the introduction of a fee for drivers of vehicles using 60th Street between 5am and 9pm.

The new measure, which could come into force as early as mid-June 2024, aims to limit traffic by disincentivising it through the payment of a toll. In fact, the tax requires drivers behind the wheel of small private cars to pay as much as $15. For vans and small trucks, on the other hand, the tax will be $24, while for heavier trucks it will rise to $36. According to estimates, this new tax will bring an extra billion dollars into the public coffers every year.

However, the rule did not meet with universal approval, and was heavily criticised by citizens and the neighbouring state of New Jersey. To negative comments about the traffic tax, the New York authorities replied that the revenue would be used to improve public transport in the city. The reasons put forward, however, were not enough to calm tempers: the citizens decided to take legal action that could delay the entry into force of the tax, approved by 11 votes in favour and one against by the city administration.

Source: Mobilita.news