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On 18 June in Brussels the final event of the USER-CHI project.


On 18 June in Brussels the final event of the USER-CHI project. FIT, Leader of Impact assessment and demo implementation, will also be present

On 18 June in Brussels, at the Comet Luise Meetings (Place Stéphanie, 20), the final event of the USER-CHI project – in which FIT Consulting is a partner – will be held.

The event will be an opportunity to bring together European and local decision-makers, technology providers, mobility experts and city operators around the results and outcomes of the USER-CHI project.

Among the questions to be answered will be:

  • How to make interoperability a reality?
  • How to stimulate the spread of electromobility in Europe?
  • How has the e-mobility market evolved since 2020?
  • How to make electric charging user-friendly?

The aim of the event is to exchange knowledge, to explore innovative solutions and to strengthen partnerships with electromobility players. The event is designed not only to present the contributions of the USER-CHI project to the electromobility landscape, but also to foster a dynamic and multidisciplinary community committed to accelerating the transition to sustainable urban mobility across Europe.


During the session “USER-CHI in the spotlight: from user research to the demonstration of user-centric charging solutions”, scheduled from 9:45 to 11:15 a.m., FIT (represented by Marisa Meta, EU Project Supervisor and Project Manager, and Daniele Barnaba, Project & Executive Office Manager), will be present together with representatives from ETRA, VMZ, IKEM and Eurocities to discuss the lessons learnt from the project and how they can be exploited to drive the transition to e-mobility in Europe.

For the full agenda of the event and to register: https://eurocities.idloom.events/USER-CHI