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“The most important thing is the inspiration”: listen to the interview with Paola Cossu, CEO FIT, for ULaaDS


Last November, the final event of the project ULaaDS – Urban Logistics an on-Demand Service was held in Barcelona, during which experts and urban logistics enthusiasts from all over Europe gathered to learn from the project and exchange knowledge about other interesting urban logistics experiences from other EU-funded projects and pioneering cities.

Among the experts present was also Paola Cossu, CEO FIT, who during the panel “The status of urban logistics in Europe” brought to the attention of the participants the experiences of the European projects DISCO (coordinated by FIT) and URBANE (in which FIT is a partner), which will take up the legacy of ULaaDS.

The main insights and opinions of the participants were collected in the video available on the ULaaDS YouTube channel, in which Paola Cossu’s commentary is also included.

“Logistics – explained Paola Cossu – can improve the way in which the stakeholders have the opportunity of creating and generating value and knowledge, so that all the policies, all the measures, and all the businesses can be more driven toward the decarbonisation. I think that the most important thing is the inspiration, and then the path towards the collaboration among all the stakeholders”.

Watch the full video here:

For more information on the event and the meetings that took place, read the recap here: https://ulaads.eu/the-status-of-urban-logistics-in-europe-recap-of-the-ulaads-final-event/