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The second large-scale survey at European level on curb side management: a focus on urban logistics. Fill in the survey

Polis (Cities ), ALICE (Logistics), EPA (Parking ), with the support of FIT Consulting and the Erasmus University Rotterdam, are exploring the opportunities to improve parking management and urban logistics in the cities, looking into the potential of access management integrated with flexible and shared use of urban space and parking.

Changes in consumer behaviour, new eCommerce services, instant deliveries, and the COVID-19 pandemic, along with traditional freight movements, are making last-mile deliveries booming. This implies pressure on the system due to the lack of available and appropriate space for these operations. Innovative measures are needed to help European cities reduce congestion (double parking, etc.) and trips, achieve sustainable mobility (and Green Deal) goals, improve deliveries efficiency, anticipate new technologies, and potentially increase revenues.

Together, they are launching a second large-scale survey at European level on curb side management with a special focus on urban logistics.

We would thus like to ask you to fill in the below survey to support the work. The survey can be answered in 5 minutes and do not require to share any data. To do so, please click on the following link and access the survey: https://bit.ly/3z2QhPo


Results are presented June 16th at the IPIC 2021 (https://www.pi.events/) during the Special Session “Curbside Management in the Physical Internet”.