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The Single National Charging Station Platform arrives

Piattaforma unica nazionale

The Single National Charging Station Platform arrives, so you always know where to charge your electric car

How can you always know – and easily – where you can recharge your electric car? The answer comes from the Single National Platform (Pun) of charging stations for electric cars, which was activated in recent days and which will allow motorists to find out the location of stations on roads and motorways, maximum power, the operator, opening times, energy prices and type of power supply. In short, all the essential information for anyone driving an electric vehicle.

The aim is clearly to encourage the spread of electric mobility in Italy, as emphasised also by the Minister for the Environment and Energy Security (Mase), Gilberto Pichetto Fratin. ‘The Pun,’ the minister explained, ‘makes it possible to converge a lot of homogeneous data and information towards a single institutional portal. The evolution of this platform, which will be enriched with new functionalities in the coming months, can make it more and more useful for the daily life of citizens and administrative planning.

The portal piattaformaunicanazionale.it can also be reached from the Mase website. Upon accessing it, it is possible to interact with a map of Italy on which numerous points appear indicating individual columns. If you click on it, you will find out all the information. In December, the app and real-time interoperability with operators managing charging devices will arrive.

There are currently more than 32,000 public refuelling points on the platform out of a total of 42,500 filling stations located throughout Italy. The missing ones will be traced in the coming months.

Source: Mobilità.news