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EasyRailFreight, Rfi’s digital platform for intermodal logistics, arrives


EasyRailFreight, Rfi’s digital platform for intermodal logistics, arrives

On 26 March, Rfi – Rete ferroviaria italiana launched EasyRailFreight, an innovative digital platform for the development of intermodal logistics, which facilitates the matching of supply and demand, facilitates the acquisition of supplementary services, and offers a comprehensive overview of services on the freight transport market.

EasyRailFreight was designed and implemented entirely by Rfi with the aim of contributing to the decarbonisation of transport through the digitisation of logistics processes. The system operates on the list of services provided by market operators and enables them to offer the available solutions with respect to specific freight transport relations, involving an increasing number of small and medium-sized enterprises. It will be possible to visualise the type of service with a complete overview of the shipping process, whether terminal to terminal or door to door. The database consists of information provided by the stakeholders involved, such as Rail Freight Companies, Terminal Operators, Multimodal Transport Operators, Administrative Service Companies and hauliers.

The advantages of the application include the possibility of promoting the available intermodal transport services, with greater efficiency and quality; increasing traffic volumes with positive spin-offs in terms of competitiveness; and finally, offering greater reliability and flexibility in the supply of logistics services, to the benefit of the entire production system. Simplified access to existing services and improved quality of information flows will therefore improve the efficiency of intermodal transport, from an infrastructural and terminal point of view, and encourage potential growth in traffic volumes.

“EasyRailFreight aims to be a tool to support logistics and rail freight transport through a digital infrastructure that replicates the physical infrastructure,” said Rfi’s CEO and general manager, Gianpiero Strisciuglio. “Thanks to the contribution of railway and haulage companies, terminal operators and all freight operators, we will implement the current digital system to enable the exchange of information, the booking of services, and predictive interventions. For this, Rfi is engaged in a major infrastructure renewal process, with an unprecedented investment plan”.

Source: RFI