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TTS Italy Launches Working Group on Security Solutions for Mobility Services

TTS Italia Gruppo di Lavoro

In the presence of more than 40 participants, including members and external industry stakeholders, on 19 December TTS Italia – the Italian Association of Telematics for Transport and Security of which FIT Consulting is a member – launched a new Working Group dedicated to ‘Solutions for the Security of Mobility Services’. The aim is to address the issues of road safety and traffic regulations, as well as the safety of local public transport, transport infrastructure and nodes, and mobility data for passengers and goods.

TTS Italia, through this new working table, will present its vision, making recommendations for improving safety and security through the use of technology.

The results of the Working Group will be presented on 15 May 2024, in Rome, at a free conference open to all, which will also be an opportunity to celebrate 25 years of TTS Italia.

Source: TTS Italy