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The European BOOSTLOG project has reached the finish line! And ALICE celebrates its 10th anniversary as a European Technology Platform recognised by the European Commission.

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In December, the Logistics Innovation Awards were presented at the project’s final conference in Brussels. The Physical Internet award was awarded to FIT, Inlecom and the Open Logistics Foundation.


The ALICE General Assembly took place on 19 December, during which the tenth anniversary of its recognition as a European Technology Platform (ETP) by the European Commission was celebrated. The Assembly was also an opportunity to present the work programme of the Urban Logistics thematic group of which Paola Cossu, CEO FIT, is chair, together with Hans Schurmans of Proximus

The final event of the BOOSTLOG project – in which FIT is a partner – saw the presentation of the prestigious ALICE Logistics Innovation Awards. FIT won the coveted award for bringing the Physical Internet to Urban Logistics.

alice news
Alice news