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UPPER project, in Rome on 30 and 31 January we will talk about Public Transport

Progetto UPPER

The third General Assembly of the European project UPPER – Unleashing the Potential of Public Transport in Europe – (of which FIT is a partner) is starting in Rome, which aims to strengthen the role of public transport as the cornerstone of sustainable and innovative mobility.

The project, coordinated by UITP, will implement a combination of measures aimed at pushing people away from private cars and towards public transport in cities across Europe. The strategic objectives of the project are closely linked to those of the “Mission Cities”:

  • lead the transition towards zero-emission mobility in support of the “Mission Cities”;
  • strengthen the role of public transport as a fundamental element of mobility sustainability and innovation in cities;
  • increase the modal share of public transport;
  • use cities as Living Labs of innovation.

From the 30 to 31 January over 60 experts from the UPPER consortium coming from 10 European cities and regions will meet to discuss the state of the art of the project and its over 80 measures, divided into five innovation models, to positively influence users’ choices and outline the next phases to address the crucial transport challenges by sharing effective and proven solutions.

Furthermore, on January 29th, a delegation from Lisbon will be received at the Roma Mobilità offices within thetwinning activities envisaged in the project and coordinated by Eurocities and FIT Consulting. The Capitoline councilor Eugenio Patanè and the CEO of Rome Mobility Services, Anna Donati, will participate in the work.

The press release of the event is available by clicking here.

Information about the project

UPPER is one of the two Mission projects funded in 2022 by the European Commission. The activities started on January 1, 2023 and will last 42 months. The cities involved in the experimentation and all the partners have taken up the challenge of the 100 carbon neutral smart cities with the aim of reducing emissions by 55% by 2030. UPPER is an ambitious project involving more than 40 partner and manages 20 million euros in funding to demonstrate 84 measures in 10 demonstration sites in the cities of Valencia, Ile de France, Rome, Mannheim, Oslo (representing the UPPER Leader “Living Labs”), while Lisbon, Leuven, Hannover Region, Budapest and Thessaloniki are the “Twinning Living Labs”.

The role of FIT within the project

FIT Consulting, one of the initiators of the UPPER project, is a central partner being involved in the project management board. FIT has the task of supporting the coordinator, UITP, in the financial management of the project, in order to ensure optimal use of resources. In addition, FIT is responsible for the development of new business models for the tested solutions to ensure large-scale deployment. In addition, FIT has the scientific responsibility for defining the baseline for experimentation in each city. FIT therefore has the responsibility of gathering and stimulating the commitment of the cities involved in defining and planning their own measures to support a transition towards more sustainable mobility accessible to all. Here more information.