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FIT wins the ALICE Logistics Innovation Award at the IPIC 2023 in Athens

FIT has been awarded with the ALICE Logistics Innovation Award for the “outstanding engagement in further developing R&I results Towards the implementation of the Physical Internet and for bringing the Physical Internet in urban logistics”.

The plaque was received by Paola Cossu, CEO of the company involved since 2014 in the chairing team of the ALICE Thematic Group on Urban logistics. She received the award by Sergio Barbarino, ALICE Vice Chair ALICE; Fernando Liesa, Secretary General and Francois-Regis Le Tourneau, ALICE Chair.

I am so proud and thrilled for this great Award!” said Paola Cossu. “I truly believe that the Physical Internet is no more just a vision, but rather is an evolving concept leading to disruption in logistics and supply chains. It will concretely support decarbonisation by introducing new collaboration and asset sharing models, improving resilience for interconnected logistics multimodal network and circular economy. Physical Internet has great potentials to enhance urban logistics and e-commerce, changing the way urban space is used, and positively impact the overall efficiency of retail distribution network. We are advancing to service-based and sustainable urban logistics ecosystem. Fit and I will continue to be dedicated to achieving such challenges and give our contribution in making Physical Internet fully developed, accelerating the next steps. Thanks to the ALICE family, warm thanks to Fernando, Sergio, and Francois-Regis for this award and for thanking this inspiring challenge! Thanks to the entire Alice TG5 on urban logistics and a special tank to Yanying Li”.