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A user-centric approach to boost a massive e-mobility market take-up in Europe thanks to the USER-CHI project

To foster the diffusion of e-mobility in Europe through a set of actions placing user needs at the center of innovation. This is the objective of the European project USER-CHI – Innovative solutions for USER centric Charging Infrastructure – which involves 23 partners from 6 European countries (Belgium, Finland, Germany, Italy, Spain and Hungary), covering the overall value chain of the project: research, technology providers and final users.

The project takes into account the different user requirements, among which the e-vehicles charging time, the use of renewable energy and a portfolio of additional services to promote e-mobility. One of the topics analyzed by the USER-CHI project there is in fact the implementation of e-charging solutions meeting the needs of users coming from different market segments.

The project foresees a set of synergic actions to stimulate e-mobility at European level and the development of a number of solutions including:

  • electric charging networks designed around user needs;
  • an interoperability framework and platform;
  • a scalable infrastructure roll-out by means of smart grid integration;
  • the development of marketable, innovative and highly convenient charging systems;
  • the co-design and demonstration of novel and sustainable business and market models;
  • legal and regulatory recommendations for a massive deployment of electric vehicles.

The USER-CHI solutions will be demonstrated in 5 urban areas all along the European territory: Barcelona metropolitan area (Spain), Berlin (Germany), Budapest (Hungary), Rome (Italy), and Turku (Finland). Since large scale replication and transferability of USER-CHI results is one of the cornerstones of the project, two replication cities – Murcia and Florencewill replicate select solutions.

FIT Consulting, partner of USER-CHI project, is the leader of monitoring and assessing impacts generated by the products designed, developed and implemented in the course of the project. This translates into the definition of a common methodology and related metrics to appraise the technical, environmental and socio-economic benefits of USER-CHI tools to be tested in real business context, which include:

  • CLICK – Charging location and holistic planning kit: an online tool for the location planning of new charging infrastructure in cities and TEN-T corridors;
  • INCAR – Interoperability, charging and parking platform: A platform providing roaming and barrier-free access to EV charging points and offering related innovative integrated services for the EV drivers;
  • SMAC – Smart Charging tool: A tool providing smart grid integration and demand management services for slow, medium, fast and ultrafast charging;
  • INSOC – Integrated solar DC charging for Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs): A solution combining charging, onsite production of renewable energy and theft-proof parking for Light Electric Vehicles;
  • INDUCAR – Inductive charging for e-cars: A wireless and highly automated charging solution for e-cars.

During the project FIT Consulting will also develop novel and sustainable business models for the take-up of e-mobility to foster investors on EVSEs and enable replication.

More information here : https://www.userchi.eu/

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