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ALICE Logistics Innovation Award on Urban Logistics Announced!

In the past few decades, the logistics sector has experienced revolutionary shifts in technologies, business models, policies and legislation, with outcomes of public funded R&I projects being a key facilitator.

To acknowledge the achievements and inspire the R&I community of the logistics sector, ALICE launched the Innovation Award.

The Award Selection Committee consists of five experts from ALICE and POLIS members – including Paola Cossu, CEO FIT Consulting and chair of the Selection Committee – has chosen the winners of the second ALICE Logistics Innovation Award, dedicated to Urban Logistics. The Committee has decided to give awards to four categories: Company, City/Local Authority, Civil Society and Special Achievement.

The Winners

For Company:

  • The gold award is given to UPS; UPS has successfully scaled up solutions developed by the FREVUE project (funded by FP7) and delivered positive impacts on climate action. The combination of various technologies, e.g. electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, and energy storage has enabled an integrated solutions that resulted in approximately 65% of emission reduction.
  • The silver award is given to PTV; The VISEVA-W module was developed by the MOSCA project (funded by FP5) for logistics operation in cities. PTV has been able to integrate the module with VISUM model for traffic assignment, helping transport planners in conducting traffic analyses for cities and optimising the overall transport system.

For City/Local Authority:

  • The gold award is given to Padova for its Cityporto, an Urban Consolidation Centre, developed and implemented through the MOSCA project. Since 2005, Cityporto has performed more than 1,120,000 deliveries, ensuring a tangible improvement of the urban environment by reducing traffic and pollution.
  • The silver award is given to Region of Emilia Romagna for its urban Restricted area (LTZ) implemented since 2013, which was piloted through the NOVELOG Project (funded by H2020). The pilot carried out in the region had the objective to simplify and harmonise the administrative rules for city logistics at regional level in relation to the management of the permissions of freight vehicles to access LTZ.
  • The silver award is also given to Rome for its Logistics Living Lab, established by the CITYLAB project (funded by H2020). It is a participatory co-creation laboratory that aims to systematically involve public and private actors of city logistics in Rome to carry out innovative and shared projects, in order to support the implementation of the freight-related measures included in the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of Rome.

For Civil Society:

  • The gold award is given to Transport decarbonisation Alliance, for its Call for zero emission freight vehicles which was initiated by the FREVUE project. Current 84 organizations with more 294,000 zero emission vehicles have signed up the Call.

For Special Achievement:

  • The gold award is given to the European Commission for facilitating implementation of The Sustainable Urban Logistics Planning (SULP) Topic Guide, developed by the NOVELOG project. Using the Guide, The European Commission has been supporting many cities in Europe to develop their SULP.

Download the Urban Logistics – The Cloud Report describing in detail the winners’ achievements.

Download the Press Release on ALICE Award.

About the Award:

The ALICE Logistics Innovation awards were organized in the framework of the BOOSTLOG project, aiming to recognize those companies and organizations that have successfully managed to transform knowledge generated in R&I funded projects into innovations in the market, transformative changes in society and markets or implemented effectively as part of policies and policy guides.

The Selection Committee consists of five experts from the ALICE & POLIS memberships:

  • Paola Cossu, CEO of FIT Consulting (chair)
  • Lola Ortiz Sánchez, Directora General de Planificación e Infraestructuras de Movilidad en Ayuntamiento de Madrid;
  • Massimiliano De Masi, innovation manager at Poste Italiane
  • Hans Schurmans, Director Logistics operations and transformation at Proximus
  • Magnus Blinge, Research Manager at Scania/ Adj. Professor Linköping University

Evaluation for the ALICE Logistics Innovation Award is based on three criteria: Operational, social and market impact; Influence on policy; Scalability and growth potential.

More information:

  • Download the ALICE-POLIS Joint Guide  for advancing together towards zero-emission urban logistics by 2030 (download the Guide)
  • Visit BOOSTLOG webpage: https://www.etp-logistics.eu/boostlog/
  • Press release “First Call for Submission of Implementation Cases of EU funded R&I projects for the ALICE Logistic Innovation Award” here