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Backtracking on robo-taxis in the USA

Robo-taxi USA

Backtracking on the implementation of robo-taxis in the USA. In fact, the Cruise company recently decided to suspend operations in the cities of Houston, Austin and Phoenix, having already stopped self-driving vehicles in the city of San Francisco at the request of the California Department of Motor Vehicles. The latter had deemed the vehicles unsafe for the public, since ‘robo-taxis,’ the department explained, ‘may not have the capacity to respond safely and appropriately during accidents involving a pedestrian.

Cruise’s decision to withdraw robo-taxis from other cities as well is therefore linked to a lack of trust on the part of users, as well as the need to work further on a complete overhaul of security policies.

Tuttavia, i robo-taxi continueranno ad essere utilizzati in ambienti controllati, mantenendo quindi attivo un programma di simulazione per lo sviluppo di tecnologie di guida autonoma.

Source: DMove