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Urban mobility transition, AIPARK webinar on 14 December . Speaker Paola Cossu, CEO FIT


How can cities address the challenges of mobility, air pollution, traffic congestion, urban spatial regeneration and sustainable use of resources?

This is the theme at the centre of the webinar organised by AIPARK – Italian Association of Parking and Mobility Operators, scheduled on Thursday 14 December at 11:00 and to whichPaola Cossu, CEO FIT and President Urban Logistics at ALICE, will also take part as a speaker.

In fact, the impact of new vehicle management models on roads in urban centres is a subject of great attention: vehicles are a major source of emissions, including greenhouse gases, air pollutants and noise, which affect the quality of life of people in cities. However, their role is also to contribute to and be instrumental in the functional dynamics of cities.

The transition of the urban mobility system is therefore a process of change that aims to improve the sustainability, efficiency and overall quality of transport in cities. This transition is driven by a number of factors and requires a long-term vision and continuous commitment from institutions, citizens and all relevant stakeholders. It also requires an interdisciplinary approach involving different phases and aspects, and a long-term commitment. Cities must necessarily become more flexible, be able to adapt to changing needs and make constant improvements to create more efficient and sustainable urban mobility systems.

All these aspects will be discussed and deepened during the panel discussion moderated by Giuliano Mingardo, Deputy Director for Urban Port and Transport Economics Erasmus UPT – Rotterdam, and Laurence A. Bannerman, AIRPARK Secretary General and EPA President Emeritus, and at whichVarious experts in the field will take part, including:

  • Paola Cossu, President Urban Logistics at ALICE – Alliance for Logistics Innovation and CEO FIT Consulting
  • Veronica Bellonzi, Head of Urban Mobility Innovation Systems Unit, Municipality of Milan
  • Silvana Filipponi, Country Director EasyPark Italy, former Digital Identity Manager in the Team for the Digital Transformation Presidency of the Council of Ministers
  • Pierciro Galeone, Director IFEL (Institute for Local Finance and Economy, Foundation of ANCI)
  • Giorgio Goggi, Urban planner and expert in urban mobility planning
  • Giuliano Mingardo, Vicedirettore per l’Economia urbana, portuale e dei trasporti, Erasmus UPT – Rotterdam
  • Fabio Mosconi,Director of Parking, Parking and Controlling ATM S.p.A. – Milan
  • Gianni Domenico Sansonne, Head of the Local Police Operations Centre – City of Milan

Participation in the webinar is free of charge after compulsory registration. Register now by clicking here.

More information on the event is available at website AIPARK.