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Electrification of urban freight transport to 2030: FIT president presents the FEDIT roadmap

The FEDIT (Italian Transport Federation) webinar was held on Thursday, 5 October, during which the president of FIT Consulting, Massimo Marciani, presented the position paper produced by FIT with the aim of assessing scenarios and opportunities for accelerating the electrification steps in the transport sector.

Together with the position paper, a roadmap for the electrification of urban freight transport to 2030 was also prepared, which envisages the creation of a true logistics ecosystem. “It is necessary to stimulate all stakeholders interested in urban logistics to focus on the shared adoption of a collaborative governance model supported by a significant awareness-raising action and involvement of citizen-consumers, so as to make them understand the impacts of individual choices and accompanying virtuous choices with rewarding actions,” explained Marciani, who went on to emphasise “the indispensable adoption of a voluntary and rewarding accreditation system aimed at involving all players in the supply chain.

The full recording of Marciani’s speech is available by clicking here.