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UPPER Project: download the Deliverable “D2.2 Diagnosis of PT in living labs, measures refinement and expected impact”

UPPER project’s Deliverable “D2.2 Diagnosis of PT in living labs, measures refinement and expected impact” is now online!

Deliverable D2.2 provides a diagnosis of the mobility system in the 10 sites (Cities, agglomeration of cities, and regions) involved in the UPPER project giving a detailed picture of the situation and the complexity of each reality/ context.

The initial assessment of the public transport ecosystem was developed using a comprehensive methodology, that involves questionnaires, interviews, and SWOT analysis. This supports the baseline assessment of the role that public transport plays in the mobility ecosystem in each of the Living Labs and Twinning Sites.

Furthermore, the deliverable presents a comprehensive and elaborated perspective of the “push and pull” measures that will be tested and demonstrated in the living labs. This overview of the measures includes a well-structured plan for implementation and monitoring, expected outputs, measures inter-relations, and an initial set of indicators for assessing the progress and success of each measure.

FIT coordinated this deliverable by defining the survey questionnaire together with its consultants and facilitating the workshops and data collection with partners responsible for the demos and analysing the results. The part of the review related to push and pull measures was mainly carried out by the University of Luven, together with the technical coordinator of the ETRA project

UPPER project aims at spearheading a Public Transport revolution that will strengthen the role of PT as the flagship of sustainability and innovation of mobility in cities, leading the transition towards zero-emission mobility which will become the cornerstone of climate-neutrality by 2030, in line with the goal of Cities Mission and the priorities of the Green Deal.

FIT is assisting the project coordinator UITP and scientific leader ETRA in managing a large partnership that will integrate a holistic approach to ease the cooperation among authorities and operators, offer a physical and digital environment to test the measures, update the existing SUMPs, optimize the PT offer in line with user needs and patterns.

FIT strongly believes in the need of a PT transport revolution toward a Mobility as a Right (MaaR) concept able to involve the users in the overall mobility decision chain, trigger the behavioral change in favor of an attractive, efficient, reliable, safe, inclusive and affordable Public Transport system.

Find out more about UPPER project here: https://www.upperprojecteu.eu/push-pull-measures/

Download the Deliverable “D2.2 Diagnosis of PT in living labs, measures refinement and expected impact” here: https://www.upperprojecteu.eu/resources/