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Sharing Mobility: new shared electric scooter service kicks off in Rome

While the city of Paris hailed electric scooters on the city streets, in Rome the new scooter-sharing service operated by the three operators who won the tender started on 1 September.

In addition, new regulations have come into force, which aim to ensure clear rules that favour the service throughout the city and limit abuses in usage, speed and parking possibilities. At the same time, the new regulations allow these vehicles to be given a real transport function, which must be that of the last mile, extending the service to all municipalities.

Among the main novelties: a maximum limit of 90 scooters in the trident ztl (30 per operator), 900 in the historic centre ztl (300 per operator – excluding trident ztl) and 70 per operator in the Trastevere ztl. The service will also be extended in peripheral areas with parking spaces near public transport interchanges. Parking will only be permitted in the authorised parking spaces used by the companies entrusted with the service.

Thanks to the automated control by the companies, the rental will only be deemed completed if it is carried out in the authorised area and, if the vehicle is abandoned in places that create danger, degradation and traffic obstruction, a fine will be imposed. Metrebus subscribers will be entitled to a discounted rental price.

Source: TTS Italy