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Policy option to reduce emissions from the mobility sector: Among the European projects mentioned, there are several in which FIT is involved

The Covenant of Mayors Europe – CoM has developed a publication entitled ‘Policy Option to Reduce Emissions from Mobility Sector’ to serve as a resource for the signatories of the Covenant of Mayors.

The publication catalogues key initiatives, projects, guidelines, case studies and tools in five cornerstone areas: public transport, urban logistics, active mobility, electromobility and the integration of SECAPs (Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans) and SUMPs (Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans). The focus is the reduction of mobility-relate emissions.

The publication mentions many European projects in which FIT Consulting is actively involved.

The European project DISCO – coordinated by FIT – has been mentioned in the Urban Logistics section as a project of interest.

The unique name ‘DISCO’ stands for ‘Data-driven, Integrated, Synchromodal, Collaborative and Optimised urban freight meta-model for a new generation of urban logistics and planning with data sharing at European living labs’. With its 47 partners, DISCO aims at fast-tracking upscaling to a new generation of urban logistics and smart planning framework, enabling the transition to decarbonised and digital cities in Europe, delivering innovative tools and methods, changing the urban logistics and planning paradigm with a Physical Internet (PI) – led approach.

In the same area, the European project URBANE was mentioned.

URBANE is a 3.5-year Horizon Europe project (2022-2026) on novel, sustainable, safe, resilient and effective last-mile delivery, combining green automated vehicles and shared space use models. The project will test innovative efficient, replicable and socially acceptable innovative last-mile delivery solutions.

In this project, FIT plays a leading role as Innovation Manager and Business model innovation provider. In particular, FIT Consulting coordinates the working group that develops the Innovation Transferability Platform – the technological infrastructure for transferability that includes digital twin, agent-based model, artificial intelligence and impact assessment radar – and enables the implementation of the second wave of demos, based also on what was developed by the first wave. FIT Consulting will therefore also play a predominant role in the development of business models for the solutions tested in the project, conducting the market analysis and developing the commercialisation plan and growth trajectory.

For the Public Trasport area, the publication mentions the European Project UPPER – Unleashing the Potential of Public Transport in Europe.

UPPER aims to strengthen the role of public transport as the cornerstone of sustainable and innovative mobility. The project will implement a combination of measures looking to push people out of private cars and to pull them closer to public transport in cities across Europe.

FIT is assisting the project coordinator UITP and the scientific leader ETRA in managing a large partnership that will integrate a holistic approach to ease the cooperation among authorities and operators, offer a physical and digital environment to test the measures, update the existing SUMPs, optimize the PT offer in line with user needs and patterns. FIT strongly believes in the need of a PT transport revolution toward a Mobility as a Right (MaaR) concept able to involve the users in the overall mobility decision chain, trigger the behavioural change in favour of an attractive, efficient, reliable, safe, inclusive and affordable Public Transport system.

In the same area, the CBEP – Clean Bus Europe Platform was presented as an initiative of interest.

The Clean Bus Europe Platform is an initiative under the European Commission’s Clean Bus Deployment Initiative that aims to support the deployment of clean bus technologies across Europe. The Platform brings together European cities, transport authorities and operators, together with relevant stakeholders like social dialogue partners, industry, financing and funding institutions, associations, etc. to boost and support the exchange of knowledge and expertise on clean bus deployment.

FIT took part in the initiative by analysing the gaps in the 42 European cities to identify areas for improvement and draw up a customised roadmaps to define concrete actions to be implemented in the coming years to address the complexities and challenges of the transition to clean and sustainable public transport, including the replacement of diesel vehicles with hybrid, electric or hydrogen vehicles.

Finally, European project USER-CHI has been mentioned as project od interest in the electric mobility area.

USER-CHI is a project that co-creates and demonstrates electric charging networks around seven connecting nodes of the Mediterranean and Scandinavian-Mediterranean (TEN-T) corridors. It will deploy an interoperability framework and platform, scale up infrastructures with smart grid integration, and develop innovative and convenient charging systems.

FIT Consulting, partner of USER-CHI project, is the leader of monitoring and assessing impacts generated by the products designed, developed and implemented in the course of the project. This translates into the definition of a common methodology and related metrics to appraise the technical, environmental and socio-economic benefits of USER-CHI tools to be tested in real business context. During the project FIT Consulting will also develop novel and sustainable business models for the take-up of e-mobility to foster investors on EVSEs and enable replication.

The full document is available here.

We are proud to participate with commitment and enthusiasm in European projects and initiatives that have the potential to turn the tide by making a significant contribution to reduce mobility and transport-related emissions. All ahead!