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Work started on the drafting of the PULS of the Municipality of Syracuse. FIT entrusted with the realisation of the Study

Tuesday 24 October saw the start of work on the drafting of the Municipality of Syracuse’s Sustainable Logistics Urban Plan, in which FIT is in charge of carrying out the study and which, through an innovative approach, will involve all the city’s stakeholders.

In fact, the PULS will be drafted through a participatory process of co-designing, so that ideas can be shared and systematised to ensure that the needs of all the realities involved are met and that the planned measures are more widely accepted.

In fact, in FIT’s vision, logistics concerns not only the urban distribution of goods, but all services supporting the economic activities and social life of the urban community that must be able to coexist. A challenge that we intend to tackle by involving, also in the coming months, all the stakeholders who have already enthusiastically taken part in the work, from the trade and transport associations to the municipal administration represented today by Mayor Francesco Italia.

The aim is to optimise and streamline the occupation of public land, while also reducing the environmental impacts of urban traffic in an area with a high monumental value and a strong tourist vocation such as the city of Syracuse and the Island of Ortigia.