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The UN has declared 26 November as World Sustainable Transport Day

The first World Sustainable Transport Day will be celebrated on 26 November. The date on the calendar is set by the UN thanks to the resolution A/RES/77/286 led by Turkmenistan and co-sponsored by 66 other nations inviting all UN member states, organisations within those states (including non-governmental organisations), individuals and other stakeholders to celebrate World Sustainable Transport Day launching educational campaigns and events to improve public knowledge on sustainable transport issues. In this way, World Sustainable Transport Day aims to address the most pressing challenges and identify opportunities for sustainable mobility that is in line with global sustainability goals.

According to the resolution, World Sustainable Transport Day will serve as a catalyst for improving intermodal transport connectivity, promoting environmentally friendly transport solutions and developing socially inclusive transport infrastructure. At the heart of the initiative is the recognition of sustainable, low-emission and energy-efficient modes of transport that make a key contribution to climate change mitigation and adaptation. Furthermore, these modes of transport play a crucial role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations.

This is therefore a historic decision that represents a significant step towards promoting cooperation on sustainable transport and advancing the global commitment to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the Paris Agreement, the New Urban Agenda and the Political Declaration on Improving Global Road Safety.

At the news of the approval of the resolution setting 26 November as the World Sustainable Transport Day, l’ECF – European Cyclists’ Federation expressed great enthusiasm: ‘Together with World Bike Day (3 June, as of 2018),’ commented the Ceo Jill Warren – World Sustainable Transport Day offers another fantastic opportunity for people around the world to recognise and learn about the immense potential of cycling. We congratulate the UN for accepting this new resolution and encourage all those who will celebrate it to include and prioritise cycling in their campaigns for sustainable transport’.


Source: FIAB