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URBANE Project launches the Physical Internet Observatory powered by FIT and EIT Urban Mobility

l’Osservatorio Physical Internet

URBANE Project launches the Physical Internet Observatory powered by FIT and EIT Urban Mobility

As part of URBANE project, FIT is proud to unveil the Physical Internet Observatory: the new tool for Physical Internet kwowledge-sharing powered by FIT Consulting and EIT Urban Mobility from the URBANE consortium.

City logistics is undergoing a profound transformation: emerging IoT and AI technologies are entering the market to revolutionise the supply and delivery of goods in cities. The PI Observatory is a platform providing expert insights on market trends, regulatory dynamics, and innovative solutions linked to PI initiatives poised to shape the future of urban logistics.

The aim of the PI Observatory is to share market-oriented information and news about Physical Internet (PI) initiatives in order to generate a better mutual understanding among different types of stakeholders about the dynamics, competition, potential customer segments, buying patterns, and additional key aspects in the field of last mile delivery at local and international levels.

Developed in the context of the URBANE, the PI observatory will be the main instrument to inform about the concept that has emerged to leverage efficiency gains by the rise of digitalisation, the so-called ‘Physical Internet’.

The PI observatory website is structured to monitor the advancement towards Physical Internet uptake, especially in urban environments, in Europe but also beyond.

Three sections of the PI Observatory website:

  • Products: Market-ready innovations and technologies, that have proven to make a positive impact in European cities and serve as great examples of how to make the future urban logistics greener and more sustainable.
  • Best practices: Use casesshowcasing the successful deployment of the PI in cities that can serve as valuable references for new pilots and implementations.
  • Insights: Latest innovation trends, studies, expert opinion pieces, and newsabout the Physical Internet and the last-mile delivery sector.

The role of FIT

FIT coordinates the “URBANE market Observatory for Physical Internet”, which is integrated in the EIT Urban Mobility website: thanks to its leading position in the Italian and European Physical Internet, logistics and in particular urban logistics, FIT develops a market analysis aiming at identifying the main innovations and steps forward towards an open, global, hyper-connected and sustainable urban logistics system, which optimises the existing transport network, resources, assets, transport modes, spaces and infrastructures. In this context, FIT will also be responsible for developing the Business Plan and a commercialisation plan for the solutions developed within the project.

Within URBANE, FIT also leads the working group that is developing the “URBANE Innovation Transferability Platform”, which encompasses tools and services for all stakeholders in urban logistics, enabling collaboration between stakeholders and the assessment of the impacts of the proposed solutions, thus facilitating their transferability.

Would you like to learn more? Do you have an interesting innovative solution or use case in logistics that you’re willing to share with the rest of the world? Visit the brand-new PI Observatory!

URBANE (Upscaling Innovative Green Urban Logistics Solutions Through Multi-Actor Collaboration and PI-Inspired Last Mile Deliveries) is a 3.5-year Horizon Europe project (2022-2026) on novel, sustainable, safe, resilient and effective last-mile delivery solutions, combining green automated vehicles and shared space utilisation models. The project will test innovative TRL7/8 efficient, replicable and socially acceptable innovative last-mile delivery solutions.

Visit URBANE website: www.urbane-horizoneurope.eu/